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With the result of a positive pregnancy test, there are three options for you to consider. At the Pregnancy Help Center, we will provide you with full information on ALL of those choices:


Pregnancy and the thought of parenting can be overwhelming, even more so if you weren’t planning to get pregnant. It may seem impossible to become a parent right now, but you still have questions about it and wonder how you may make it work. We can help you talk through your personal situation and consider things such as:

I want to have the baby, but I'm afraid
My boyfriend doesn't want the baby, but I do
My parents will be upset if they find out I'm pregnant
I want to have the baby, but I can't afford it
I don't have any medical insurance to have the baby
I want a baby, but not right now

We will listen and help you work through your personal situation and options.


You plan to have an abortion, but you are unsure about what that means for you. We will help you answer questions such as:

What type of abortions are common?
What are the risks?
Who can I talk to about my concerns?

We will listen and help you think through your personal situation and your options.


Thinking about what is best for you and for your unborn baby is important. Adoption may be an option for you as you make a plan for your child's life. There are a lot of misconceptions about adoption based on TV and movies or hearing about adoptions from decades past. Questions and thoughts about adoption can be overwhelming and we are here to help as you consider:

I don't think I want an abortion, but I'm not ready to be a parent
I want my baby to have financial and emotional stability
Will my baby be adopted into a loving home?

We will listen and help you think through your personal situation and options.


This website is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or the medical advice of your doctor.
The education provided is intended for general education purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for medical or prenatal care. We do not perform or refer for abortion procedures.